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Seetalents.com is simply a FREE website for people looking for your kind of artistic/creative talents and skill to find you easily, a place to connect with other people that have your kind of talents and most importantly a place where potential employers can post jobs related to your talents.

The goal of Seetalents is to create a free, working relationships between talents and clients via its interactive network.

It’s simple, easy to navigate and very easy to make your dreams come true, please do fill our comtact form for any issues you are not clear about.. Do also take time to read our Privacy policy and Terms and Conditions.

NOTE by Talents we are referring to artistic/creative talents eg Models, Actors etc and not Professionals eg bankers, accountants etc


  • Simply click  on the Sign Up link at the top of the site
  • It Redirect you to a registration page
  • Fill all details except the ones that are optional.
  • On that form you can indicate the talent category you belong to, (you can only choose one option here, we are still working on future updates so that more than one talent category can be clicked on)
  • Once the registration page is submitted it will take you to another page where you can easily upload your profile picture from your desktop, laptop, pad or mobile device, please note that uploading your profile picture is important.
  • After Registration changes to profile information can be done by clicking on profile then edit.

Using seetalents.com is FREE and won’t cost you anything to sign up on.


Jobs & opportunities

This is a section for only registered talents to view for free; , but registered and unregistered visitors can post jobs for our registered members to see and apply for.

For any feedback/enquiries, please mail through the contact form on our CONTACT page and we will get back to you as soon as possible


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Talent Categories presently here are: Actor, Actress, Artwork, Caterer, Comedian, Costumer, Dance instructor, Dancer, Dj, Drummer, Event Decorator, Event Manager, Event Usher, Fashion Designer, Film editor, Footballer, Gospel Artist, Hair stylist, Interior Decorator, Keyboardist, Make-up artist, MC, Model, Music Director, Music producer, Musician, Photographer, Poet, Public Speaker, Script writer, Singer, Song Writer, Writer. Yours not here? Contact us About that 



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